Adam Baczko

Core researcher

Junior Research Fellow, EHESS

A Phd candidate in Political Science at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS, Paris), Adam Baczko researches comparatively the exercise of justice by armed groups and its political implications, with a particular focus on Afghanistan. He carried out fieldwork in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq and Syria. Prior joining the ERC Social Dynamics of Civil Wars Program, he was a Trajectories of Change Fellow at the Zeit-Stifnung in Hamburg, a Junior Visiting Fellow at the IWM (Institute for Human Science, Vienna) and an Order, Conflict and Violence Fellow at Yale University. He holds a Joint BA in War Studies and History from King’s College London and a MA in Political Science from the EHESS.

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" Syrie. Anatomie d'une guerre civile " with Dorronsoro, Gilles and Arthur Quesnay , CNRS Editions, Paris, 2016

Non peer-reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

" De la contre-insurrection a la désintégration : L’échec stratégique de l’Armée au Sierra Leone " , Stratégiques, No. 100, 2012
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Policy Reports

" The Militia System in Kunduz " with Dorronsoro, Gilles , Paris, Noria Research, 2016
" Sectarian Strategies, National Settings and the War Economy in Syria and Iraq " with Beaumont, Robin, Xavier Houdoy, Félix Legrand and Arthur Quesnay , Paris, Noria Research, 2014
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" La triple crise afghane: perspectives pour 2014 " , Paris, Noria Research, 2013
" Shadow Justice: How the Taliban run their Judiciairy " with Giustozzi, Antonio and Claudio Franco , Kabul, Integrity Watch Afghanistan, 2012

Peer-Reviewed Articles

" Logiques transfrontalières et salafisme globalisé: l’Etat islamique en Afghanistan " with Dorronsoro, Gilles , Critique internationale, No. 74, 2017
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