Dennis Rodgers

Associate Researcher

Professor of International Development Studies, University of Amsterdam

Dennis Rodgers is a social anthropologist by training, and his research focuses broadly on issues relating to the political economy of development, including in particular the dynamics of conflict and violence in cities in Latin America (Nicaragua, Argentina) and South Asia (India). Much of his work focuses on the study of youth gangs – he has been conducting longitudinal ethnographic research on Nicaraguan gang dynamics since 1996 – but he has also worked on the topics of urban inequality, the politics of socio-spatial segregation, participatory governance processes, urban crime reduction, as well as on the epistemology of development knowledge. His future research plans include developing multi-level, comparative gang studies as well as, more broadly, re-thinking the relationship between conflict, violence, and development, both historically and in the contemporary era. Rodgers’ publications include over 100 authored and edited books, journal special issues, articles and book chapters published across different disciplines (Anthropology, Criminology, Development Studies, International Relations, Latin American Studies, Political Science, Sociology, and Urban Studies), and written in different languages (English, French, and Spanish, with some of his work further translated into German, Portuguese, Italian, and Hindi).

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